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  • I had ONLY one STM32VL where I use the licenced espruino - tt is licenced per SN, isn't it?.
    So I have NOT violated the license agreement at least for SN licensing approach.

    BTW. Two other STM32 boards are programmed using the arduino (libmaple).
    I have 10+ boards coming from Texas Instruments and many from arduino makers.

    I did many projects where I was not able to use espruino for many reasons (performance, memory constrains, complexity of javascript event oriented model when using challange/response communications required complex FSMs, etc).

    At the beginning the espruino was promissing and I spent many hours trying to use it in every project
    (maybe you remember the Nokia FBUS issues we used to troubleshoot together).
    I quickly noticed that STM32VL isn't so powerful to run espruino and gave up the idea for some time.
    That's another reason why I did NOT bought another license.

    Espruino has its place in the hobbyst market. And as usual it is not a 'silver bullet'.


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