• Thanks tickTock and Gordon,
    @tickTock, drivers are installed now, but result is the same, there is no Ports (COM & LPT) folder on my Windows 8(64 bit) PC in device manager. Chrome application does not show any port.
    I tried the same on my 2nd computer (Windows 7, 32 bit). There the Ports-folder is available, showing 2 bluetoth ports (com4/com5) only. Chrome application shows com3/com4/com5, none of them works.
    @Gordon, the Led (ld4?) flashes very shortly. I could install the sample application without problems, so ST-Link and flashing works. Waiting for up to 30 minutes didn't change anything.
    BTW, cn1 is connected to power, cn5 is connected to PC, power LED is on, Com LED flashes red and cn5 LED is on.
    If only cn1 is connected to PC, power is on, Com is on. After connecting ST-Link, com LED flashes red/green.
    For testing I take 1v39, some tests with other version from nightly build gave same problems.
    Regards from Krefeld(Germany, about 18 degrees Celsius and sunshine)


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