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  • Fri 2021.05.14

    Hi @DavidM

    My suggestion is the LowCost approach which would take around the same amount of that expected time, just doing. The tasks really aren't that hard and the community got me up and running with a bit of hair pulling (oops no pun intended) on my end:

    Espruino Build issues using and Extending+Espruino+1 within Windows10 environment

    Specifically see @AkosLukacs #8 post, link found in the very first link #comment14873557 in post #1 of the thread above, for specific instructions on setting up environment.

    Take a peek under the hood, kick the tires and take 'er for a spin, which should provide a good overview, if not would generate some well formed questions to reduce your development costs. With your Java background, C shouldn't be that much of a struggle. (I had C/C++/C# background before Java)

    Should you be on the FastTrack expectation however, I'm sure others will respond.


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