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  • @gdanov,

    I'm not surprised about your experience with Espruino and even more with Espruino on board not supported by @Gordon. Espruino is different from most of the IoT environment, as JS interpreter different from common implementations, as a system it is different, and also from memory management.

    Esprino as an integrated system of software AND hardware, it comes from its structure closest to a Commodore PET... There is no separation or layering like found in the simplest PCs where there is a BIOS, usually in an (EP)ROM, OS, usually loaded, some monitor and command / system application to system-talk to the OS, and make it load and run applications - applications that are written in a what-ever language and then transformed - compiled - for the particular OS / platform, NOR is is like all the other IoT that have usually only a boot loader - if at all - that allows to upload and store ready-made, all libs included, application into some EPROM, and then fire the load and run of the application.

    With Espruino, it is like it was with the Commodore PET, which is characterized as a BASIC stand-alone system, where the installed language interpreter comes up on power on, and the language includes the monitoring and basic system operation, such as receive a program into memory, save it on a device, load and run if from a storage device, etc. For some back filling you may look at this post simple explanation how to save code that Espruino run on start? and also the conversation it is part of.

    I do this Espruino thing for a while now, and can tell you that Esprino works extremely reliable on the supported platforms... and if there is something, @Gordon is on top of it. In the past, @Gordon was also looking at the other HW - non-Espruino board - but the number of supported Espruino environment has grown as well as the unsupported ones, so that @Gorden had to focus on and give priority to the environments that provide, because - after all - Espruino is open and free.

    As a side note: as much as great experience is helpful, it can make blind or at least biased.


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