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  • During tests I realized that it can happen that manufacturerData is missing because got some different advertisements, so it might be helpful to extend the filter.

    filter1 = [{ manufacturerData:{0x0590:{}}}];
    filter2 = [{ id:"d9:c7:0b:0a:48:20 random"}];
    filtersAll = filter1.concat(filter2);
    NRF.requestDevice({ filters: filtersAll }).then(
        function(d) { 
            if ( d.manufacturerData ) 
                console.log(JSON.parse(String.fromCharCo­de.apply(null, d.manufacturerData)));
    /* output
    =Promise: {  }
    { "w": 2953 }

    So it look's like the filters work as logic OR. Is there a way to change to AND?


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