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  • @radswid:

    My app for music-playback on Android (MortPlayer Music, a folder-based player) has the option to watch for multiple play/pause presses to change to next/previous song (2x and 3x) and next/previous folder (4x and 5x).

    I could add a setting to disable 2x/3x presses, making it just pass on all presses as play/pause directly. But it looks like the app also responds to long-pressing, and that's not going to work through GadgetBridge. Do you need those to work as well?
    Meaning I'd be happy to add the setting (it won't be much work) but if you're going for anyway please say so and I won't bother ;-)


    the BangleApps repo isn't automatically updated - I manually do it maybe once a week.

    Right, that makes total sense.

  • That setting would be really great!
    I never used the long-press functionality in MortPlayer, only the 'multipresses'.
    Many thanks to both of you, hopefully one day I can contribute an usefull app too :)


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