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  • So after I slept some hours, I took a look at the app again and now can clarify some things: it were multiple presses on the "play/pause" touch control instead of BTN2 with which I can skip an album and this still works, so the thing I confused myself with was messing up BTN- and touch-control. My app for music-playback on Android (MortPlayer Music, a folder-based player) has the option to watch for multiple play/pause presses to change to next/previous song (2x and 3x) and next/previous folder (4x and 5x). But I couldn't figure out why it works with the "touch to play/pause" option and not the "BTN2 to play/pause" option.
    Maybe because the "touch-play" only sends play/pause commands whereas BTN2 has multiple types of commands on multiple presses?


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