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  • Thanks, once again!

    I had two major problems:

    • the infamous brownout detector. Solved with capacitor
    • total mess w.r.t. dev process and flashing code. Spent good deal of time on the "saving code..." page but still not 100% confident I'm doing it right. I obviously had hot mess of setInterval handlers.

    It's big progress because now the probe works for hours without any issues.

  • Mon 2021.05.10

    from post #12
    'Spent good deal of time'
    'but still not 100% confident I'm doing it right'
    'had hot mess of setInterval handlers'

    Here on day three now, it is discovered that it was coding to start with, and not the false assumption:

    from post #1 'How stable/dependable is espruino? Can I rely on it'

    Heck, when I first posted here, I couldn't even spell 'Espruino' let alone write a code block. That was five years ago. Myself and even the others that posted here to assist your endevour, also suggested posting that code to speed things up. @MaBe helped me four years ago, staying with me to the wee hours solving a WiFi mystery in 'sta' mode, and @AkosLukacs having a different take on a rounding issue assisted in finding the suitable solution to that issue. Even @Gordon has spent countless hours assisting us all, creating well laid out tutorial examples, along with excellent resolution explanations. But to get to that point, was the need to upload my code.

    But for some reason, several still find getting going, or navigating the site somewhat of a struggle. This is where I'm asking if you could help us with a few words.

    'Thanks, once again!'

    I'm glad that detail assisted to resolve your issue, as the forum here does generously assist grattis those within the Espruino community.

    And for that @gdanov , I am personally asking for some 'quid pro quo' content to assist us in providing better documentation. As a fair offset, would you please explain the reluctance to have just uploaded some code from the beginning?

    Maybe it's as simple as you are working on the next Elon Musk SpaceX project and want to keep it under wraps, or maybe you are creating a full tutorial to demo your results here to the Espruino community. Although I shouldn't speak for the others, I'm sure from their contribution efforts here, that as do I, would like to learn this simple response.

    Thank you gdanov for an explanation,


  • Hi,
    I'm software professional with very big experience. I know when my code is crap and I know how to learn new stuff. This is why I may appear stubborn, but I really know best how to approach new stuff.

    Uploading my messy experimental code without explaining my workflow would've wasted other ppl's time. You and the community missed nothing, I guarantee you that.

    I'm sorry but I don't really understand what's your request to me. As for my question re stability — It's fair question, in some respects the esp32 port is not complete so I had to know what to expect. I am also very suspicious of the heltec board.

    As a good citizen I always like to help when I can. This is why after asking a question I do my best to follow up, as you can see above.

    So, one more follow-up: the biggest challenge and source of grief for me was the combination of how save() works and how the web ide works. Let me elaborate:

    • Clojure is my favorite environment and espruino's REPL is the closest I've ever seen to clojure's REPL. As usual similarity can hide very subtle traps and this happened here
    • espruiono's save() and boot process is unlike anything I've ever used. It took me one evening of experimenting to finally grasp how the different pieces fit together. The "saving code..." page has it very well laid out, but I needed some practice to really grok it. This page must be front & central, it's extremely important information. The difference when code is evaluated and when global state is restored is key
    • I quickly ditched the web ide to use my emacs + espruino cli. This is, I beleive another trap — the very powerful save & boot capabilities gave me lots of rope to hang myself. Also, using the espruino cli requires you understand what you're doing (which I did not). The web ide has pretty straightforward flow, but "graduating" to espruino cli is deceivingly simple (and wrong in my case)


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