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  • Thanks for the debugging hints. I knew none of this. Where should I look for more debugging hints?

    setInterval is called once from the main context. These are my timers in normal situation:

      { time: 140550, interval: 300000,
        callback: function (undefined) { ... }
      { time: 1342468, interval: 3000000,
        callback: function (undefined) { ... }

    this is memory (again under normal conditions)

    { free: 1563, usage: 737, total: 2300, history: 23,
      gc: 538, gctime: 2.717, blocksize: 16 }

    I'll definitelly incorporate your and @AkosLukacs hints into the error handling and debugging when it crashes again.

  • re: 'Where should I look for more debugging hints?'
    re: 'I knew none of this. '

    Hi @gdanov As an enduser like yourself, I've watched the Espruino site grow over the last five years. I started with absolutely no experience with microcontrollers, and gained my knowledge by just helping others through the forum, demonstrating how to 'turn over the rocks' to learn the idiosyncrasies. Surprisingly, all the info is there and well laid out. With the wealth of tutorials and user examples, the site is expansive and complete.

    The easiest and most obvious is to start with any Espruino page and from the menu find the 'Quick Start' info pages. >> Menu >> Documentation >> Quick Start

    or >> Menu >> Support >> Getting Started

    Traversing the forum section is another place to pick up all these hints. A few years back, I created a summary page with the best links in it, and can be found at the top of the 'Tutorials' forum section.


    Open the cream colored pinned top-most 'Writing an effective forum post' and find the heading: 'in addition have these excellent pages been reviewed' found a third the way down the page.

    As a suggestion, keep asking questions, then search out the solution. As I mentioned, most can be found with a small amount of digging.

    Keep turning those rocks over . . . .


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