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  • Hi! I've got a problem & solution (took me several days to find it.. phew!..).
    I set watch to rising (or falling) D31 and try to lit a neopixel on D2. And Puck (v2.08) hangs..

    setWatch(()=>{console.log('D31 rises!');}, D31, {edge: 'rising', repeat:true}); //D30 here will cure the issue
    require("neopixel").write(D2, [100,100,100,100,100,100]);

    If I set e.g. D30 instead of D31, all's ok. The issue is same on a new Puck without any connection to neopixel, one can try the code out of the box. Would be grateful for a comment:

    1. Is there any constraints on pins when using neopixels?
    2. Just to confirm - if I e.g. set watch to LED and then try to lit it, it does not lit. That's probably because a watch blocks output pinMode, right?

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