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  • It's a bit of mix at the moment. I am using your P8 SDK12 bootloader and the 2.09 firmware from @jeffmer. I update with the DaFlasher, but it does use the nordic bootloader, SD3.0. Is there an Espruino bootloader for this device? Would there be any advantage?
    Unfortunately, the M11 button is on D20, not D17, so the P8 bootloader would need rebuilding for this device if I want to use this strategy.
    I might spend some time reading the driver as you suggest. I have a background in C, but not much javascript - most of it is definitions and interfaces, there is not much actual code because the magic happens inside the black box. I would be happy to submit a module at the end of the process if it works.
    I'm not going to risk rebuilding the firmware unless it becomes essential.

  • I am using your P8 SDK12 bootloader .... Is there an Espruino bootloader for this device?

    The one you have is Espruino bootloader however it is build for P8 so button BTN1 is expected on pin 17. And that pin is inverted and set as input with pull up at boot time, which may cause you some troubles if you have something else on that pin as even when changing mode later the value is still inverted.

    Would there be any advantage?

    yes, by default the button allows you to enter bootloader and skip running your saved code when it is held over 3 seconds at boot time - helps if you save broken js code (e.g. like calling NRF.setServices(xx,{uart:false}) at startup, people are quite creative in this)


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