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  • Trying to use espruino to drive this motor controller, I've got the battery connected, I've got the motor connected, I've connected the red to the blue for the power lock
    #7 in the wire interface is the throttle I'm trying to figure out
    I've tried both with and without espruino connected to the 5v and - black and red wires (I assumed the 5v was a source from the controller and the thing would connect to a passive component like a hand throttle so only needing the blue wire made sense to me but that didn't work)...
    I've got the A5 DAC on the original board connected to the blue 1-4V throttle wire...
    analogWrite(A5,0.5) does nothing...
    sorta worried something broke on the controller because the motor started to move slowly when I connected the red to gnd on espruino (it stopped moving after I connected the black 5v to Bat)
    Has anybody ever tried using espruino and one of these to program a self balancing unicycle?

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