• Sat 2021.04.24

    ' is the operating temperature of the Espruino wifi CPU normal'

    Please post the code snippet that is used to retrieve that temperature reading. Under normal conditions, my Wifi does sometimes appear warm, but that reading seems way off.

    Are there any other devices in the circuit? Missing/mis-wired grounds? What voltage is being applied?

  • I use sd card interface board with 3.3V and I2C SH 1106 oled display (also 3.3V).
    I measured the current consumption of the test panel with a usb Keweisi ammeter and the current was between 0.05A and 0.1A.
    Seems to be temperature was higest (50, 51 C) when javascript code send socket message and received bit-serial from wiegand reader via optocoupler isolation. Simultanosly ran two pin interrupt, socket server and a setintervall function with temperature sending via socket message.


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