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  • Sat 2021.04.24

    Is the pinMode() being set before an attempt to write to that pin?­bal_pinMode

    While I continue to search for the error code, this line concerns me:

    'Pin D2 controls a neopixel led strip (WS2813, works fine), not grounded'

    By 'not grounded' does this mean there is no ground between the Puck and the WS2813?

    A floating ground will cause havoc as there is no common reference between the devices.

    Caution: As there doesn't appear to be a common ground, and while I'm unaware of the wiring skill level applied here, Puck is a 3.3V battery operated device being connected to a 5V WS2813 strip, which requires significanly more power to drive the individual LED's than the Puck could ever possibly supply. Is there a 3V-5V level-shifter in place and a separate supply for the WS2813 strip? How many individual Neopixels are there? Which leads to what calculations were used for the supply power requirements?


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