• Tue 2021.04.20

    The following files will be created:

    Q1: Is there a specific switch that must be set in order to produce the .lst listing file? How, syntax, which file, etc. I'm looking in wrong folder maybe?

    First run make, now you can run ./espruino and test your new Hello.world() command.

    Q2: Explanation please on: 'now you can   "run ./espruino" '

    I'm not familiar with the "./" syntax and how to execute this step. Could this be a Unix, Make, source, .py, other toolchain command?

    Tried from the terminal window within VSCode

    rgc@DESKTOP-R7T0VUC:/mnt/c/Users/robin/e­spruino$ ./espruino
    -bash: ./espruino: No such file or directory

    rgc@DESKTOP-R7T0VUC:/mnt/c/Users/robin/e­spruino$ sudo ./espruino
    sudo: ./espruino: command not found

    I made the assumption this was Unix, but unable to search as the slash gets interpreted literally, but initial finds don't seem to support that:


    Have been successful in building using VSCode and flashing using esptool.py as a separate step. Having much success flashing .ino files this way, has allowed me a two step process for Espruino builds, rather than using a VM as the GitHub README's suggest. I may live to regret doing it this way, and may learn it will be much faster as suggested, but for now I have a process that in mind, works.

    I understand that I would need a main() function to do the following, but not sure where to place, how to call, so as to keep/allow the entire environment to run as if it were running Espruino waiting for JS instructions.

    Q3: As the GitHub source is all .c/.cpp is there a way to start and run my functions and wrappers from within VSCode to make use of breakpoints and the debugger there, without having to flash and call from the WebIDE? Is there a demo or test functions available?

    Thanks for the ongoing help and suggestions and look forward to additional learning this weekend.


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