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  • Increase MTU from 23 to 53. Doubles Bluetooth bandwidth!

    Only for that I will upgrade all my devices !

    Thanks a lot for all those improvements!

  • Only for that I will upgrade all my devices !

    also it is now configurable at build time so if you would have some device that requires even larger MTU or you want to try to go for higher speed it can be enlarged.

    I have added it because @enaon and other guys with those unicycles had some wheel/device that didn't work well with default 20 bytes - it sent 56 byte packets as replies to some commands and the data over 20 was simply cut if MTU was lower than that. So the current choice of 50 is still low for those devices, but it takes extra memory so is not worth it if you don't have the need. Larger MTU would increase speed a bit more but it is not always linear increase.

    And looks like increasing MTU by 1 takes away 32-40 bytes of RAM (= 2-3 espruino variables) so it depends whether you prefer more memory available or possible speed increase - e.g. increasing from current 53 to e.g. 131 would take away additional 2 KB or RAM (out of 64 total)