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  • Another release that's been a long time coming, but with some big improvements!

    Bluetooth users specifically will likely really notice that connecting, uploading code and generally interacting with Espruino devices is a lot snappier than it was before!

    Bangle.js / Puck.js / Pixl.js / MDBT42Q

    • Update S132 Softdevice from 3.0.0 to 3.1.0
    • Increase MTU from 23 to 53. Doubles Bluetooth bandwidth!
    • Allow devices to remember the time between reboots (even if RTC is reset)
    • Use 'low accuracy' GPIOTE for watches so we can shut down the high speed oscillator
    • Add callback param to 'NRF.restart', allowing code to be called with softdevice disabled
    • Puck.js: Fix regression where IR LED was left on after transmission
    • Reset bluetooth advertising after load()/reset()
    • BLE: Allow 128-bit service data to be decoded


    • Increase advertising interval to ease connections
    • Make the 'home' button more configurable in code
    • Add Bangle.softOff to allow the RTC to keep running
    • Don't enter accelerometer power save mode if compass/barometer is in use
    • Add isXYZOn() functions for GPS/compass/etc
    • Apply g.drawImage fast paths even if image goes to the edge of the screen
    • StorageFile now uses 10x bigger chunks which reduces stress on Storage.list()
    • Storage.list now allows you to specifically request StorageFile, only ever reports first StorageFile chunk
    • When load(filename) is used, set global variable FILE to the filename (so FILE now reports app name)


    • Fix Espruino not sleeping when very low on free memory
    • Now use exponents when printing doubles >= 1E21 or < 1E-6
    • Regexp improvements
    • Util Timer now uses an based on estimated time from the hardware timer itself
    • Graphics.fillPoly now errors if >64 points (prev was 63)
    • Graphics: Support for palettes supplied in image strings
    • Fix Array.forEach when deleting the item you're currently iterating over
    • Graphics: Allow colors to be specified as '#rgb' strings
    • Graphics: Antialiased lines now read the background color so overlap nicely
    • Graphics: Add antialias/colour blending functions like fillPolyAA
    • Graphics: Fix overdraw when drawing ellipses/circles
    • Graphics: Fix 8 bit ArrayBuffer scroll not working correctly in some directions
    • Storage: Fix corruption issue with StorageFile write after a Storage compact
    • Fix invalid free / SIGFPE errors found using fuzzing
    • E.getSizeOf() and trace() now don't recurse into references back to the global scope (makes sizes and traces far more useful)
    • Fix issue parsing r=>print((e=>{})(r))
    • Add DHE RSA key exchange for TLS/HTTPS

    NOTE: If you're running 2v09 firmware and have a problem, please post your own thread on the forum - please don't reply on this announcement thread!


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