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  • Just to say - my last post sounded a big depressing. It's not like Espruino is going anywhere - the nice thing about the KickStarter is it's given me a year or two to find ways to create an income from Espruino, and I'm sure that will happen.

    @BogdanG ... ST sell that board basically at-cost (if not at a loss). IIRC in the licence it says that you can't use it as a component in a product that you sell - because ST know that they wouldn't make any money if you did :)

    Obviously I can't compete with a massive multi-national selling a product at cost... In a way it's pretty dumb of me even to make the images available - so I've got to rely on the fact that people will want to support Espruino - and specifically that people will want something that just plugs in and goes, with documentation that shows all the correct pin names.

    I guess some people will always be more worried about saving £10 than about actually supporting Espruino - but I guess they never would have bought it anyway and I've just got to hope that they produce good publicity which causes others to buy the real board.

    As an interesting side-note, support a wide range of boards but only if the board manufacturer pays them! Obviously that would be ideal for Espruino, but sadly I'm not big enough to be able to come to that kind of arrangement.

    @DrAzzy - thanks for the advice, it's really helpful. I've been meaning to update the website and add purchase links to the front page for a while - I'll try and do that today. I have been after US distributors for a while - and there was interest from a very big US one (but being a big one they're extremely slow moving).

    It's difficult - being more of an engineer than a salesperson there's always the thought that if I make it awesome enough and fix every bug, people will magically buy it. It's not the case at all, and I really need to focus more on marketing now.


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