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  • Hi,

    I'm using a ESP32 to listen for BLE packets and I'm getting the occasional error. Any ideas on how to figure out the issue?

    Guru Meditation Error: Core 0 panic'ed (LoadStoreError). Exception was unhandled.
    Core 0 register dump:
    PC : 0x400d8da0 PS : 0x00060c30 A0 : 0x800ea8ca A1 : 0x3ffde630
    A2 : 0x3ffed1bc A3 : 0x00000000 A4 : 0x00000000 A5 : 0x00001e00
    A6 : 0x00000000 A7 : 0x00000000 A8 : 0x4006182c A9 : 0x00007468
    A10 : 0x00000076 A11 : 0x00000000 A12 : 0x0000000e A13 : 0x000003fe
    A14 : 0x7ff00000 A15 : 0x7ff38800 SAR : 0x00000012 EXCCAUSE: 0x00000003
    EXCVADDR: 0x40061830 LBEG : 0x4009b418 LEND : 0x4009b423 LCOUNT : 0x00000000

    Backtrace: 0x400d8da0:0x3ffde630 0x400ea8c7:0x3ffde650 0x400ea91d:0x3ffde700 0x400f9a3c:0x3ffde720

    Many Thanks,

    Rob Smart


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