• I just installed EspruinoHub on a Raspberry Pi 4 with node-red and an external BLE dongle with an external antenna. hciconfig shows the dongle ok.
    The config for EspruinoHub points mqtt to a separate machine that only runs a mosquitto.
    The web pages works fine, I can see advertisement etc etc. Ok.
    Using an mqtt sub app I can see the /ble/# messages. Ok.
    I start the webIDE, and it shows me the Espruino devices. Ok.
    Click on a device and it connects and I can interact with the device. Ok.
    Looking at the /ble/# topic on the mqtt server I get all devices messages before starting the webIDE, when the webIDE starts I only get the connected device messages. Ok.
    I then click the disconnect icon, and the webIDE says disconnected :mac:. Ok.
    But, looking att the /ble/# subscription I'm still getting the console messages from that device.
    To get espruinoHub back to it's original state I need to stop and start it.
    To me it looks like the disconnect is missed when the webIDE closes.


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