• Hi! Does the watch actually show DFU ZYDS (or could it be DFU 2v05?).

    I don't think this is related to that other post, as you're using standard 2v08 firmware.

    And do you know what firmware your watch had before? Was it working ok then, or were there some issues before you updated the firmware?

    What happens if you keep holding BTN1? Can you eventually get to a screen that shows the Bangle.js logo? If so, go to the app loader, and do about -> install default apps

    Also, just to check, where are you getting your firmware from? It is possible to install other firmwares (MDBT42/Puck.js/Pixl.js) which would cause the kind of problem you're seeing - to fix that all you'd have to do is install the Bangle.js one


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