• Do you remember where you first went for information on Bangle.js? (BTN3)

    I don't remember exactly to be honest. I watched the welcome app but I don't remember information it has provided. So I've reinstalled it and it provides important information I didn't get at the beginning. I was maybe too impatient to test my new toy. Maybe I think information goes too quick by default (i'm not english native) even if we can go back after using button.

    Did you have OpenStreetMap as well? I'm just wondering what could cause the memory issues as it shouldn't be too memory intensive.

    Yeap I had OSM at that moment but it was effective on all options with or without OSM tiles. And now I've just had similar issue with Heart Rate Recorder when I tryied to view my records. I'm starting the with 54% of RAM usage but navigating in the menu raise the memory usage and crashed when I validate the menu.

    pedometer + HRM

    That's great to hear about the university and the HRM.
    I'll enjoy to test these new feature when available.
    Here I've tried to tune ActivePedometer but I'm still doing many steps at my desk :)


    Ok I see the idea. About submodules I disagree on that point:

    If we used submodules then probably 25% of all the apps would constantly be broken
    I think we need to keep a more static https://banglejs.com/apps for the majority of Bangle.js users

    Having submodules is mostly the same as what you actually have.If you add a submodule for gadgetbridge which targets the remote gitlab.com/gadgetbridge/bangleapp on main you add on which commit. That mean only you (or someone through a PR you merge) decide when updating the app in BangleApps. It is possible to have Apps directly in BangleApps repository and only few using submodules. That way people can make live their app in their own repository without impacting BangleApps user and using their own workflow. Main problem would be if one the remote developer rewrites history on its main branch. Submodules allow to be static as you are today.

    By the way I totally understand your wish to not implement it :)

    About smiley I'll try to test it on Full screen notification.


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