• Now after few days of usage I have more feedbacks :)

    it was surprising there was no default pedometer / heart rate monitor widget / app installed

    Yes, maybe that should change. To be honest it's been about trying to
    keep the watch as basic and simple as possible out of the box.

    I think it could be nice to have official pedometer / HRM in order to have a reference and a ready to use watch even if bangle.js is more for hacking purpose. Maybe some featured apps in the store?

    i have been confused between apps / widget / clock differences (now it's ok)

    Interesting - thanks! Was there anywhere you think we should put an
    explanation to help out?

    And this is there I was lost at the begining to find which apps / widget to use. I think I have been confused when install HRM widget which displayed only a red heath and no other information. Then I began to understand it was only a widget which running background and registered records in a file.

    there isn't a standard way to go back to clock except long press on BTN3

    What sort of thing did you expect? The issue is generally getting all
    apps to implement the same way of going back - hence why the
    long-press is built into the OS.

    I think I misunderstood the usage of BTN3 long press because I read it was for reloading the watch. But after few days of usage it looks more "go back to clock".

    lumonisity of the screen outside is very low but i can read the clock

    Yes, it's a hard one. I think many of the apps could use larger fonts that'd make them easier to read.

    I think if there is in the future a bangleJS 2 it should be a priority with the memory.

    having full screen notifications is easier to read. smiley are not supported in the default font "??"
    You mean Emoji? I'm afraid there's not enough space in the watch to store them! We had thought it'd be possible to convert them (and unsupported fonts) to images in the phone, and then upload those - but that's quite a big undertaking!

    yes exactly. i discover the memory limit using openstreetmap and gpsrecorder. maybe a simple workaround could be hardcoded default emojis we use frequently and can be translated in ascii ( :-) , :-/, :-( , :'( ...)

    Another feedback:

    • as mentioned I was unable to preview tracks in gpsrecorder because of OOM. so I deleted almost everything to make it runs. it requires 40% free memory to compute some basic information. by the way it works very well :)

    • I'm a bit frustrating not finding good parameters with Active Pedometer. I had a MiBand2 before and never reached 10k steps a day. Now I exploded this every day. I do steps even while typing this message. By the way when testing steps counting in reality it sound good. More false positive during inactivity.

    • Almost same with HRM. gadget bridge or the HRM apps gets too many low quality records. I think both apps tries to get an instant value even if the accuracy is not correct. My gadget bridge activity was ridiculous. I goes from 50 to 200 in few seconds.

    • I did my first app using the tutorial and creates a really basic stopwatch and then see there was really better already created. IDE works really well and helps understanding how it works.

    • Concerning the banglejs.com/apps all apps are on a mono repository. But I'm wondering if it is the good way to report issue to a developer? For example I'd like giving feedback to gadgetbridge and why not trying to make PR but I'm not sure it is the right place. I don't know if there are using another repository or who mentions? Have you planned using git submodules to register from another repository? Or use CODEOWNERS file github CODEOWNERS?

    So my next tries will be getting a reliable steps number and HRM using existing apps or trying to develop it.


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