• Hi! Thanks for this - it's always good to hear some unbiased first impressions, and glad you're enjoying it!

    it was surprising there was no default pedometer / heart rate monitor widget / app installed

    Yes, maybe that should change. To be honest it's been about trying to keep the watch as basic and simple as possible out of the box.

    at startup watch says it updating date and time using gps but it doesn't work

    This is actually mentioned in http://www.espruino.com/Troubleshooting+­Bangle.js#my-bangle-shows-searching-for-­gps-time-for-a-second-after-a-hard-reboo­t-s - but it's expected.

    A firmware update soon should actually fix that so the watch remembers the time even through reboots.

    there is no pairing verification : everybody can pair with the watch

    Yes - you can turn some things on to help with that in settings, but while it's insecure by default, anything that makes it harder for folks to connect out the box turns into a massive support headache for us :)

    i have been confused between apps / widget / clock differences (now it's ok)

    Interesting - thanks! Was there anywhere you think we should put an explanation to help out?

    apps have some dependencies but it is not very obvious (ex: stepometer clock)

    Ahh - thanks! Apps can actually request dependencies are installed but most don't do that :)

    gadgetbridge is working but I can't see steps in activity only HRM is ok after activating it

    Yes, that's expected - but maybe it should be documented better!

    there isn't a standard way to go back to clock except long press on BTN3

    What sort of thing did you expect? The issue is generally getting all apps to implement the same way of going back - hence why the long-press is built into the OS.

    lumonisity of the screen outside is very low but i can read the clock

    Yes, it's a hard one. I think many of the apps could use larger fonts that'd make them easier to read.

    having full screen notifications is easier to read. smiley are not supported in the default font "??"

    You mean Emoji? I'm afraid there's not enough space in the watch to store them! We had thought it'd be possible to convert them (and unsupported fonts) to images in the phone, and then upload those - but that's quite a big undertaking!


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