• Hello,

    I've just received my bangle.js and here are some various feedbacks after one day (do not take it as negative):

    • after starting the watch it was surprising there was no default pedometer / heart rate monitor widget / app installed
    • at startup watch says it updating date and time using gps but it doesn't work
    • there is no pairing verification : everybody can pair with the watch
    • i have been confused between apps / widget / clock differences (now it's ok)
    • apps have some dependencies but it is not very obvious (ex: stepometer clock)
    • gadgetbridge is working but I can't see steps in activity only HRM is ok after activating it
    • there isn't a standard way to go back to clock except long press on BTN3
    • lumonisity of the screen outside is very low but i can read the clock
    • having full screen notifications is easier to read. smiley are not supported in the default font "??"

    I'm really happy of this new toy and I hope I'll be abble to help :)


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