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  • @Julian1, glad you got it working great for you. Initially, I wanted to point out the path @hungryforcodes pointed out. It is a great option when you ran out of memory for the the code. For development though, I don't like it much. When I ran out memory, I developed the components with plain upload and used 'save-on-send' for the whole with all the components together. Using the Storage module, or - as @Robin mentioned - use serially connected, external flash. Doing so, you can easily chane the data on the flash. You can even just put a loader into Espruino and have all the code (and data) on the external flash. On startup, the loader reads the code as modules dynamically / on demand and operates on the data. (Of course, you do not get the support from the upload regarding dependencies, but you get great flexibility (cross devleopincluding practically unlimited storage.


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