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  • Thank you for your quick response. I just realized I am in the wrong forum I should actually be in the "other boards". I hope that's not a big problem.

  • Tue 2021.03.30

    ' "other boards". I hope that's not a big problem '

    Hi @Julian1 and thank you for posting that detail. While it is encouraged to code on an official board to contribute to the overall Espruino project for full support, there are a few that peruse the forums to assist, but that contribution is limited. The moderator may feel the need to move this to a more appropriate heading.

    IMO I felt your inquiry was generic enough that many could learn from the steps required to solve, and could easily be used by those with an Espruino WiFi. Although I'm not entirely sure I have a complete solution just yet, I do recall a thread recently, within the last two to six months, that was along this same topic. Will keep searching over the next few days.

    EDIT: 2021.03.31 @allObjects found and posted the link and may be viewed in post #8

    From process.memory()
    free: 1085  usage: 515  total: 1600  history: 27
    1600 x 16 = 25,600
    1085 x 16 = 17,360
    Let's round down and reserve 200 JsVars for Espruino overhead, 
    leaving ~800 JsVars free
    800 x 16 = 12,800

    Under the assumption the entire code segment is the 515 'usage' value, then the one 8K fetch, 'should' fit.

    Has an attempt to view using process.memory().free; before, during, and immediately after been done to see if actual usage is somewhat close to our estimates?

    'still says that memory is low'

    What was the specific error seen? Please post. Easy to insert, just click the < / >Code button, just above where typing the thread response is done.

    'stops after halfway through'

    What amount of memory remains? Could this be a Http transport issue, and does a browser fetch exhibit the same? Is the 8K payload just a data file or an actual Html page?


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