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  • With its long history, the dozenal number base is more useful for many things than binary, decimal, or hexadecimal, mostly because it is a superabundant and superior highly composite number. Its 3 factor is a significant component of that.

    This project is developing a dozenal watch, with a calendar, clock, and weather data. Because the calendar starts from basics, it uses an epoch, year starting point, and monthly and weekly divisions that are more sensible than what's in the irregular Gregorian and Julian calendars and are based on astronomy rather than politics or religion, and the dozenal number base. The time of day is based on successive negative powers of a dozen, an improvement over the current conglomeration of base two, ten, twelve, and sixty.

    The clock and calendar already exist, the former for various analog and digital clocks on a website as well as for an obsolete watch, the latter on an interactive website for scheduling appointments and other events.

    Attached is the current state of the watch's first screen. Improvements in the display are coming, along with importation of many weather data on a second screen. The final code will be made available.

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