• Ok, thanks for trying. That's bad news then. Honestly, I'm not sure what to suggest - you could check that the states of the BOOT/CHPD pins on the ESP8266 go up and down as you'd expect - but if they do then the ESP8266 seems to be toast (somehow!).

    What's E.getAnalogVRef() after running the code in the last post?

    Is it a bad idea to attach the LED strip directly to those pins?

    Not especially - those pins are connected straight to USB's 5V. It's just that if the voltage is dropping that low, the PC is struggling to supply enough power (but that seems unlikely if it's 10 neopixels - give the voltage drop I thought you might have 50 to 100!).

    Stupid question: Have you tried a different Micro USB cable? It could just be a dead cable that's unable to supply enough power even for the WiFi on the Espruino WiFi to boot.


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