• Thanks for checking - that's very interesting then!

    The LEDs are connected to the 5v wire which is connected direct to USB power. When they are active and you're seeing 3v on E.getAnalogVRef(), that'll be because the actual USB power line's voltage has dropped from the normal 5v to something like 3.2v or so - so it's really going to be stressing whatever you've connected it to (your PC?).

    But without it, the 3.3v rail seems ok.

    Please could you try this and see if anything at all gets printed?

    var WIFI_BOOT = A13;
    var WIFI_CHPD = A14;
    digitalWrite(WIFI_CHPD, 0); // turn off wifi
    var pins = { rx: A3, tx : A2 };
    Serial2.on('data', function(d) { console.log("wifi:",JSON.stringify(d)); });
    Serial2.setup(115200, { rx: A3, tx : A2 });
    setTimeout(function() {
      digitalWrite(WIFI_BOOT, 1); // out of boot mode
      digitalWrite(WIFI_CHPD, 1); // turn on wifi
    }, 500);

    It's hard to believe a different USB supply would have caused an issue for you - the voltage regulator is rated for about 16v so even if it was seriously out of range it's unlikely to cause problems.

    I'm hoping to have some more Espruino WiFis eithin the month - I've got pretty much all the parts needed here for assembling a new batch, but I've just had a bit too much on to get them made recently.


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