• The value is between 3.31 and 3.04.

    I have a LED strip soldered to the + - and B15
    When LEDs are active around 3.0
    After removing the wires again the values are a little higher, between 3.312 and 3.315

    When I remove all unrelated code in my program I get the same error.
    Same when I uploaded your snippet.
    I erased all storage and used reset to clear the RAM but nothing helps.

    The LED strip is still working as expected.

    Could I have damaged the ESP8266 in some way?

    I always had my espruino connected to my laptop, I'm not 100% sure but after I plugged the USB into a standard android phone USB power plug it stopped working.

    Typically it was the moment that I finalised my project and wanted to show it the first time to someone else it died. So frustrating :)

    BTW any idea when the Espruino WIFI will be back in stock?

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