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  • Unfortunately Gadgetbridge doesn't provide any bridging to the internet - it's pretty privacy focused so they've taken the decision not to ever allow the app itself to access the internet to give users piece of mind. That makes things pretty difficult for us though!

    I think the best bet is to go with Home Assistant for now. I'll try and look into how well EspruinoHub works with it, but one solution is to use Home Assistant with an ESP32 running EspHome:­sor/ble_presence.html?highlight=bluetoot­h

    That would then be able to track Bluetooth LE devices (like the Bangle) and you could trigger events based on that.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. So this means that my Bangle.js needs to be connected with my Home Assistant server via BLE, correct? And I suppose I need an app on Bangle.js to send messages like turn on and off?


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