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  • Glad you got it working - and thanks for reporting back in such detail. I'll update the Bluetooth Troubleshooting and Quick Start guides to mention that.

    I seem to recall this came up right after Big Sur was released (I should have seen that's what you'd put in your screenshot and remembered!).

    I think what happens is right after the Big Sur upgrade, every app you start pops up a window asking if it can have permissions for what it needs. Obviously for most people, if your web browser asks for Bluetooth permissions you click 'Hell No' without even batting an eyelid. When you finally do get a bluetooth device you want to use with the web browser, clicking that button could have happened over a year ago alongside a barrage of other questions about app permissions :)

    It's a shame it looks like we can't detect it, or the Web IDE could pop up a message explaining the problem :(


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