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  • Hello,

    I could not detect my pixl.js from the IDE, in Chrome on my macbook pro mid-2014 model. See bluetooth specs attached.

    I checked the troubleshooting­+BLE and tried to activate the Experimental Web Platform features as per­356192/#comment15677897 without luck.

    Also, I tried with both the chrome app and the online IDE. It all works fine on my Android phone and another computer running windows.

    My questions:

    • is this a known issue and do you have an idea how solve it?
    • do you have a recommendation for a recent bluetooth adaptor that will work on macOS and can be bought in the UK? (I saw your list here:­#with_web_bluetooth and I understand I need one based on Broadcom BCM20702A1 but the links are US based and they do not seem available in the UK.)

    Thank you for your work. I just discovered espruino and I find the idea to be able to code and upload directly from the browser fantastic!

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