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  • Inductive is a cool idea - I'll take a look, thanks! I would love in the fullness of time to do magnetic/pogo pins/pads and something like a Grepow 160725 curved battery too.

    Soldering the MDBT42V is tough - with my hotplate, hot air gun, and total-amateur skills, it took several attempts to get it connected properly - I eventually found that I needed to apply a bit of downwards pressure to it while soldering to get all the contacts to connect - I guess because my solder paste wasn't evenly distributed so there was a little lift (turns out Raytac even warn about this).

    Not sure you want to sign up for all the bug reports from the consequences of similarly tough soldering situations, but I would definitely buy a few if you stocked them - especially since I bought all the remaining stock Amazon had :)


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