• Hi Robin,

    It's been a year and I didn't work on this and I completely forgot how I did it at the time. I wanted to refresh knowledge and got stuck with flashing and pushing the code. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    After a few hours of reading the documentation and examination I managed to make my esp8266 to connect to wifi and mqtt...

    I have a new questions since you answered my previous question.

    1. I do not understand the concept how espruino works. I am used to Arduino loop function and I can't get my head around how it works on espruino? How can I achieve the same behaviour in espruino?
    2. I guess that this code snippet listens for message 'connected' from mqtt broker and then executes the subscription to certain topics?

      mqtt.on('connected', function(pub) {//subscribe to topics});
    3. Can you please point me how to define pins for digital read and write? I am unable to find the documentation for that?

    Thanks :)


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