• @AkosLukacs D0 is connected to a NO switch (same as the breakout).

    @Gordon using that code, it remains largely the same (88-95uA, but with spikes for the advertising).

    When using NRF.sleep(), I do not see it show up in NRF Connect - though (unexpectedly) I also don't see anything with the same address show up when using Gordon's code snippet (it still appears correctly after a hard reset). Tested on two MDBT42Q breakouts.

    To make extra sure the code is getting executed, I flash the LED, and I verified my current measurement tool can go down to single-digit uAs (by measuring other projects).

    For giggles I also flashed Espruino to an Adafruit nRF52832 Bluefruit Feather, and with straight NRF.sleep(), I get uA readings that oscillate between 0 and 90uA about once a second which I assume is coming from all the other stuff on the board (whereas I never see a number below ~88uA on the Espruino board). Will keep experimenting!


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