• I'm sorry, i'm late! @fanoush Thx for your reminder, i had a LENOVO HX03, and spent some time to learn stuff, flash, page, pipe etc... and tested your dsd6 init file ;-) worked fine, lots of help!

    And i found a problem will brick my device when i used the following code on Webide's left sides:
    The log:

    >>> Sending...
    index.js:92927 ---> "require(\"Flash\").read(1,'0x60400000')­"
    index.js:92927 >>> Sent
    index.js:92927 BT> SEND ERROR: NotSupportedError: GATT operation failed for unknown reason.
    index.js:92927 BT> Disconnected (gattserverdisconnected)

    As the address '0x60400000' is not exist, may be ??

    Fortunately, the lower battery ;-) you know.


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