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  • This looks great! Sorry I missed this when you posted last week.

    How painful do you think it'd be to make apps support both devices? My initial feeling based on what you had to change atĀ­ompare/master...jeffmer:master is that the apps are pretty much completely different!

    I felt like probably some things might help:

    • remove hard-coded widget band and add a way for apps to get the available draw area - so Q3 can have a smaller widget band
    • add a system-wide theme, so we can have black on white on Q3 (which I feel might look better?)
    • maybe add some 'layout' library folks could use to draw stuff on the screen using maybe just a JS object representing what they wanted on the screen, then port apps over to that

    I did just commit a Bangle.setLCDMode("240x240") which actually seems like a half-decent hack for some apps. I tried it on some clocks and they do seem to work ok - the only issue is it breaks things for E.showMenu/etc because they're still expecting the 3 bit mode!

    About sourcing the Q3: Last time I talked with them (beginning of Feb) it actually seemed like they could ship them properly again, so potentially I could look at getting some in stock here...


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