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  • Nice!

    When compared with the Bangle, the always on reflective display is great in daylight, but at night, the backlight tends to wash out colours and the Bangle display looks much crisper.

    Indeed, this is also true for the watch based on the nRF52832 with the same display (working on getting those apart without destroying the display...).

    The GPS works OK, however, it loses signal in places where the Bangle does not - I think the Bangle has a much better antenna.

    No surprise here, since getting the a decent antenna into a case as flat as it is and the metal material it is made from without adverse effect on reception is just hinting that.

    No matter though regarding the shortcomings, it's a great piece of technology.

    Tried to source a SMA 3Q / ID 205 G - with no success though so far.


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