• For people who want to upload the NRF52 hex to the device with a Raspberry 400, see files attached.

    In general there is a shorthand command for uploading hex/bin/elf file to your device, see code below:

    source [find interface/raspberrypi4-native.cfg]
    transport select swd
    set CHIPNAME nrf52
    source [find target/nrf52.cfg]
    adapter speed 100
    reset_config  srst_nogate
    adapter srst delay 100
    adapter srst pulse_width 100
    program /home/pi/bootloader/espruino_2v01_nrf528­32.hex

    The program line is enough with the path to your file. In the attachments there is also an interface for the raspberrypi 400 that should be placed in /usr/local/shared/openocd/scripts/interf­aces/raspberrypi4-native.cfg

    Good luck

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