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  • Yeah, it's certainly a lot! Though as you say, the code may be quite modular, and so probably only the code that talks to the hardware would need to be changed a bit.

    There's certainly a lot of files in their codebase, and I'm taking a guess that some of them are related to driving/controlling the hardware peripherals, and then other parts are just code that interface with the hardware-controlling code ─ much like a Hardware Abstraction Layer, or HAL, found in modern operating systems.

    Like you, I don't know about the internals of LVGL, but just making an educated guess here! After all, LVGL is designed for a large range of devices ─ after all, their demos page on their website runs all of the code on the browser and that's a much more different architecture than embedded, so I'm sure that they've made their code so that it works practically anywhere. Seeing that both Espruino and LVGL are written in C, it should be possible to somehow merge the code, and then on the Espruino side of things, expose some of the LVGL API to the JavaScript engine for use in your JS program.