• solder bridge as described in schema

    Where? Can you point to this schema @allObjects?

    So to be absolutely clear I connect the battery (of any voltage between 3.7 and 16V) to GND and VBAT (right next to GND on the bottom of the pico diagram)? Someone should also update that page.

  • Sat 2021.01.30

    Hi @Narvey,

    re: 'Where? Can you point to this schema @allObjects?'

    I believe the reference is ao shorthand for 'schematic'. See first link in post #2. Seek the upper right hand side and view the horizontal double arrow gap next to label 'BO_Bat', and/or reference the notes below the table beneath heading 'Power, and the FET/B0 Jumper' on page:


    re: 'So to be absolutely clear I connect the battery'

    re: 'Someone should also update that page'

    Not needed. See your reference to @Gordons #3 post in your #4 post referencing the correct BAT_IN as you pointed out. @allObjects corrected the fubar in post #6

    See the same diagram in the link you posted in #7 beneath heading 'Pinout' and the note: 'VBAT is the battery voltage output'

    So, to power the Pico by battery would require using BAT_IN and GND


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