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  • It means:

    • I provide the binaries but they may/may not work
    • If something is broken it's up to the community to fix it.
    • If you post on the forum with a problem and you're not using the Espruino board, I won't be able to spend much time helping you out.
    • The documentation/tutorials are aimed mainly at the Espruino board - otherwise they'd be pretty confusing for people getting started.

    Sadly the issue is money. I need to keep being able to work on Espruino, and to do that, I need to earn some kind of salary.

    The Espruino board includes a small markup so that hopefully if people keep buying it I'll be able to support myself while I keep working.

    The hope is that having the extra support for the Espruino Board will convince more people that were 'on the edge' to support Espruino and buy the Espruino board rather than buying a slightly cheaper board from elsewhere. However I'm working solid 11-12 hour days on Espruino most days, and I'm still losing money right now.

    Making sure new versions of Espruino work with each of the 8 different boards takes a huge amount of effort - nobody else helps out with this and generally it's a thankless task. I still spend quite a bit of time on it, but of course nobody notices when it works - only when it breaks.

    I just can't afford to spend even more time supporting other boards when at the end of the day they're not helping me keep working on Espruino - in fact in some cases people are buying them instead of Espruino boards, so it's actually making it more difficult for me to continue working on Espruino.

    If I spend all my time supporting these boards, and then have to give up work on Espruino because I can't support myself it really doesn't help anyone.

    BogdanG - thanks for the early support. Do you know how many people registered Espruino over that entire year of me working basically full-time on Espruino though, at £2.95 a time? 25. If more people had actually supported Espruino during that period things might be quite different - there might not even have been an Espruino board!

    Anyway, hopefully that clears it up.


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