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  • I'm not Gordon and I'm not related to Espruino, but I'm using one of these boards (HY-Mini) so let me share my experience too.

    For me it means that although they should work just fine, it's not guaranteed and you should not expect them to work i.e. demand a fix if something goes wrong.

    From what I can see on GitHub, Gordon is really busy working on Espruino (the software) and there is still so many things to be done that bugs related purely to unofficial boards are of low priority.

    And that is the situation we have at the moment with HY-Mini boards. They used to work fine, but then something got broken and current version of Espruino firmware doesn't work. He tried to fix it but it was taking too much time so he is not working on it any more, focusing on the official stuff in the first place (which totally makes sense).

    So my advice - if you don't like unpleasant surprises go and get the official board, then in case of any problems you can bet on him.


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