• Got my Bangle JS today - been playing with it for hours and doing a bit of tinkering.

    I tried the Active Pedometer which also comes with a Widget. I find the text on the Widgets too small to read even with glasses on. Ideally when I am walking up a mountain in the pouring rain and my glasses are all steamed up I would like to be able to see how many steps I have done without the glasses, so the fonts will need to be large.

    I tried to change the font size on the widget but my upload crashed the watch so had to delete the App and start again.

    In the meantime I looked at the way Multiclock works. This has the concepted of a xx.face.js file which then gets picked up as a screen that can be cycled to using BTN1/BTN3, which is a much nicer interface for moving between Apps.

    I thought it would be great to just have a psuedu clock / screen that just showed.

    | Steps |

    | 7899 |

    I though there might be an easy way to do this (just pick up a global variable).

    BUT when I have looked at the activepedom/widget.js I can see that the bulk of the processing / logging and correction is done inside the widget ? It appears that widgets are being treated as daemons/services with no seperation of the display logic from the actual processing.

    Obviously it would be better if I did not have to replicate the entire code of widget.js just to get the value of todays steps. I guess I could just read the latest value out of the log file.

    Is there a software design issue here with the widget concept ? Should we be thinking in terms of having some sort of store / registry for common output variables so that other simpler code can then just handle the display part ?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this ?



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