• Great - glad you got it sorted!

    What type of IDE were you using? Just one one on https://www.espruino.com/ide/?

    A month or so ago I actually removed the execute code at boot, even after 'reset()' from the drop-down upload options menu for exactly this reason (although it's still there if you go to settings) - but the Native IDE hasn't been updated for a while and would still have it.

    What you power your Pixl.js on, what does it say right at the start? I just tried on one here (that says DFU 2V07) and the BTN1 thing works for me.

    It seems another option with 2v08 is:

    • Boot up holding BTN4
    • As soon as Pixl.js says SELF TEST press and hold BTN1

    And it should then clear out saved code for you as well :)


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