• Update... I managed to reflash a new copy of v2.08 back onto my Pixl.js through the DFU mode of the nRF Toolbox app, and I've managed to get going again! I eventually got to the point where the progress bar actually moves on the app and shows a status percentage, instead of it just saying 'Uploading...'.

    Upon auto-resetting after the update, the board doesn't execute my reset-run code, and so I can now fix my dodgy code once again 😅 The terminal then shows -> Bluetooth to tell me that my endeavours were successful.

    Note to self: Never set the IDE to the 'Direct to Flash (execute code at boot, even after 'reset()') - USE WITH CARE' mode! I find it weird that there's this option, when the similarly-named perfectly normal 'Direct to flash (execute code at boot)' option works just like that one in that the code still runs after reset. Less dangerous though, from what I can see.

    Also top tip, just keep trying to do a firmware update via the DFU, because you could get lucky and the transmission might not actually fail for once.

    Still very confused as to why it didn't want to go into hard reset mode... Probably is a bug or something.

    Thanks to everybody on this thread who helped! /me pats self on the back