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  • Hi!

    Right now you get a value at 12.5 Hz I believe - you can raise the poll interval but you won't get more data until you reconfigure the accelerometer with Bangle.accelWr.

    The accelerometer itself is the KX023 - more info about internals here as well as a link to the datasheet if you want more specs on the device:­ical

    Perhaps a good example of messing with the accelerometer is the acceleration recorder:

    Code is here, and it might give you some clues about how to set it up for high speed capture:­lob/master/apps/accelrec/app.js#L36

    g.drawString() and g.drawLine() commands take a lot of time

    It depends - they can take a decent amount of time, but in general the JS execution speed isn't great either so that could be hitting you.


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