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  • That's great! Sorry I was a bit late to this, but yes, it makes sense that the relevant data would be in manufacturerData. Those look amazingly neat - I'd love to see something working on a Pixl.js or Bangle.js.

    The code you have there looks spot on - all I'd say is you can always use DataView to decode the data without needing dec32...

    d = new DataView(device.manufacturerData);
    //d.getUint32(10) or d.getUint32(10,1)  if byte order is different
    // you can also use getInt32 for signed data (eg temperature?)

    For anyone else interested in this you seem to be able to just search for "v11 tpms" and find them on eBay around £30.

    If you're doing this for a bike you could maybe even detect which sensor is which using signal strength (I guess the rear wheel would be lower strength than the front :).


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